Dorje Lekpa as the blacksmith Garwa Nakpo
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ABP 064

 Code: ABP 064

  Country: Tibet


  Date: 1600 - 1700

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 23 x 47.5

  Materials: Gouache on black canvas

Dorjé Lekpa as the blacksmith Garwa Nakpo

The principal deity in this painting is the oath-bound protector Dorjé Lekpa under his aspect as Garwa Nakpo. Of dark complexion, he shows a fierce facial expression with his three bulging eyes, flaming beard, moustache and sharp fangs. Wearing a long, black robe and a large hat, he brandishes a vajra hammer with his right hand and holds a bellow made of tiger skin in his right. He is riding a black goat amidst a blazing fire and swirls of smoke. Dorjé Lekpa belongs to the group of worldly deities and is said to have been subdued by Padmasambhava when he established Buddhism in Tibet. He is especially worshipped by Nyingmas, Karma Kagyüs and even some Gelugpa masters. A black-hat Karma-pa and a red-hat Zhwa dmar pa are depicted in the upper right and left comers. Between the two practitioners stands Canda-Vajrapani, a wrathful form of Vajrapani, holding a vajra and displaying tarjani-mudra, the “threatening gesture”. The two demons at the bottom left corner are dancing on their hands, while balancing objects resembling tormas (offerings) with their feet. They are surrounded by bolts of lightning.  (Formerly Collection Heidi & Ulrich von Schroeder ; 2011-10)