Karmapa 01 Tüsum Khyenpa (1110-1193)
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Orientation 3
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ABS 134

 Code: ABS 134

  Country: Tibet


  Date: 1500 - 1600

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 12.1 x 14.8 x 9.7

  Materials: Painted wood

First Karmapa Tüsum Khyenpa (1110-1193) 

The bKa’ brgyud («kagyü») order consists of several lineages, most prominent, as well as several minor schools. The Karma bKa’ brgyud («karma kagyü») school is one of the four major sub-schools of the Dvags po bKa’ brgyud school, based on the teachings of Dus gsum mkhyen pa (1110-1193) («tüsum khyenpa») the First Zhwa nag («shanag») (“black hat”) Karmapa.