Akshobhya – The "Unshakable One" one of the five Jinas
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ABS 203

 Code: ABS 203

  Country: Tibet (west)


  Date: 1100 - 1200

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 15.9 x 25.3 x 9.4

  Materials: Brass

Akshobhya the Unshakable, one of the five tathagata (transcendental Buddhas)

Akshobhya is the transcendental Buddha of wisdom. His name means "the steadfast one". He presides over the "vajra family" (the diamantine ones). As a sign of his resistance to temptation, he touches the earth and takes it as a witness to his steadfastness. He is the wisdom that reflects all things mirror-like as they are. This wisdom appears when the mind is completely liberated from anger. 

This statue was made by a tibetan artist and shows affinities with the Pala style. This is visible in the torso, the graceful musculature of which is modelled evocatively, as well as in the crown with the stylised floral ornaments and the bangles with triangular motifs. 

In this refined artwork, the graceful and delicate Buddha Akshobhya is soberly adorned, with slender elongated limbs and a face expressing great gentleness. His hair is partially tied with locks waving over his shoulders. The triangular crown finials, circular earrings, and high bun placed toward the back denote a Pāla influence and are similar to Dratang monastery wall paintings in southern Tibet.