Four-armed Heruka embracing his consort
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ABS 165

 Code: ABS 165

  Country: Tibet


  Date: 1550 - 1650

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 10.8 x 14 x 5.1

  Materials: Silver alloy

Four-armed Heruka in union

This tall and slender meditation deity (yidam) strides out to his left. He is four-armed and his first pair of hands wields a double drum and a tantric staff, while the second pair of hands holds the vajra and bell crossed in front of his chest, while at the same time embracing his beloved. She entwines her legs around the loins of her mystical companion in union. At the same time, she holds a skull bowl and a curved blade. Both are naked and wear the ornaments of the charnel grounds, including a long garland of skulls and severed heads. Although there is no inscription, this pair certainly represents a manifestation of Chakrasamvara. The statue is made of silver and the faces and hair of the divine couple are highlighted with pigments.