Vidyadhara Humkara
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ABS 037

 Code: ABS 037

  Country: Tibet (central)


  Date: 1200 - 1300

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 13.4 x 17.6 x 8.4

  Materials: Brass

Vidyadhara Humkara

This statue depicts the vidyadhara “knowledge holder” Humkara. Born in Nepal into the Brahmin caste, Humkara went to study at Nalanda University. In the Shitavana charnel ground near Bodhgaya, he received and realized the practice of the yidam Shri Heruka, one of the eight deities of the Kagye, the central practices of the Nyingma school. Shri Heruka is the manifestation of the Buddhas enlightened mind and the equivalent of the Chakrasamvara yidam in the new schools. Humkara was one of the eight special teachers of Padmasambhava, the famous tantric who played a central role in the first spread of Buddhism in Tibet.

Dressed in Indian style, the master is depicted seated in the royal ease posture. His long hair is arranged in an intricately braided topknot. His right holds a crossed vajra. An engraved inscription on the back of the base calls the master “mahasiddha hung ka ra” with the number “145”. This artwork is characterized by its refined style and great attention to detail.