Footprints of Jikten Sumgön Rinchen Pel (?)
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Orientation 1
Wall object 5

ABP 053

 Code: ABP 053

  Country: Tibet


  Date: 1150 - 1217

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 48.5 x 52

  Materials: Pigments on silk

Footprints of Jikten Sumgön Rinchen Pel (?)
This drawing represents a pair of stylised footprints surrounded by a rich ornamentation. These prints most probably belong to Jikten Sumgön Rinchen Pel (1143-1217), founder of the Drigung Kagyü branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Worshiping footprints started in India with the Buddha’s footprints (buddhapada) and was imported to Tibet, adopted by prominent masters. As for the Buddha, these footprints are stylised and decorated with auspicious symbols (lotus, wheel, fish, conch shell…), testifying of the exceptional character of their owner. Surrounding the prints, delicately drawn with red ink on silk, are numerous symbols among which a flaming triple gem (rinchen) most certainly representing the master himself in a symbolic way.