Six-armed MahŒakaŒla known as Shadbhuja Mahakala
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Orientation 1
Wall object 8

ABP 013

 Code: ABP 013

  Country: Tibet or china


  Date: 1600 - 1700

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 46.5 x 59.5

  Materials: Silk Embroidery Thanka

The six-armed and three-eyed form of Mahakala (Tib.: mGon po phyag drug pa) («gönpo chag drugpa») also known as Shadbhuja Mahakala, tramples on the Hindu god Ganesha. In the upper right hand Mahakala holds a skull garland (mundamala), in the upper left a trident (trishula). The principal hands hold a chopper (karttrka)and a skull-cup (kapala); the lower right a double drum (damaru), the lower left a noose (pasha)