Unidentified Sakyapa master (Könchok Gyaltsen?, 1388-1469/70)
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ABP 051

 Code: ABP 051

  Country: Tibet (west)


  Date: 1470

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 28.5 x 32

  Materials: Glue distemper on cotton

Unidentified Sakyapa master (Könchok Gyaltsen?, 1388-1469/70)

This painting portrays a Tibetan monastic master on a throne with an elaborate wooden backrest, and sumptuous brocade cushions with ribbons. Dressed with the triple monastic robes, his head is covered with the red pandita hat typical of the Sakya school with its distinctive rounded top and long lappets. He sits with his legs crossed in the meditation posture and his hands are joined before his chest in the gesture of teaching. Each hand holds the stalk of red lotus flowers blossoming by his shoulders and supporting his attributes, a vajra scepter and a bell. His hands and feet are colored with henna.

Around the main figure a series of lineage masters are displayed. Starting with historical Buddha Shakyamuni and followed by wisdom bodhisattva Mañjushri, the upper range gathers Indian masters followed by Tibetans, recognizable thanks to their thicker garments. A four-line praise is written on the back on the painting but no name is clearly indicated. It could nevertheless correspond to the second throne holder of Ngor monastery (see ABS 153).