Mahashri Tara – The "Tara of Great Fortune"
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India and Nepal
Orientation 5
Plinth 1

ABS 097

 Code: ABS 097

  Country: Nepal

  Style: Early Malla Period

  Date: 1400 - 1500

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 52.1 x 71.5 x 39.9

  Materials: Wood with original painted decoration

Mahasri-Tara - “Tara of Great Fortune” 

One of the particularities of Nepalese temples and shrines is the presence of large wooden sculptures often as a whole group. It is the distinct gesture of this statue that supports the identification as Mahashri-Tara - because she is the only Tara described in the iconographic compendium Sadhanamala displaying the dharmacakra-mudra.