Crowned Buddha Shakyamuni as World Sovereign
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India and Nepal
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ABS 361

 Code: ABS 361

  Country: India (Kurkihar, Bihar)

  Style: Late Pala Style

  Date: 1000 - 1100

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 10.2 x 16.5 x 4.6

  Materials: Bronze, inset with rubies

Crowned Buddha Shakyamuni as World Sovereign

This statue represents a singular aspect of the historical Buddha, depicted as chakravartin or “universal monarch.” While the posture and renunciant robe do not differ from other representations, he can be distinguished by his ornaments: the tiara with triangular florets, the necklace and earrings, all mark royal status. His hands perform the gesture of taking the earth as witness and contemplation, referring to his victory over Mara, the god of desire and death. The Buddha’s eyes are inlaid with silver and his jewelry with precious stones.
This statue, along with two others (ABS 360 & ABS 362) come from the site of Kurkihar, India, where in 1930 there was a major archaeological discovery of over two hundred and twenty buried metal statues. Located in the Bihar region near Bodhgaya, where it is said that the Buddha reached Enlightenment, it was an important pilgrimage site as well as a major art production center. The artworks produced there are a singular example of the north Indian Pala style.