Vairochana – "The Illuminator" one of the five Jinas
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India and Nepal
Orientation 3
Display 3

ABS 305

 Code: ABS 305

  Country: Indonesia (Java)

  Style: Borobodur style

  Date: 800 - 800

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 10

  Materials: Bronze

Vairochana - "brightly shining"

Vairochana is one of the five transcendental Buddhas, also called the Victorious Ones.
On a symbolic level, these five victorious Buddhas (jinas/thatagathas) encompass all aspects of awakening. They are the expression of the totality of human experience in its purest form. They express the dynamics of the transformation of awakening, in which ordinary emotions develop into wisdom, and illusions into positive attitudes. They preside over the five Buddha Families, which include all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Deities, with the exception of the Primordials.

The Tibetan name of Vairocana is Sangay Namparnanzad, which means "perfect knowledge of all things as they appear". The position of Vairochana in the mandala is the centre, or the east. His colour is white, his mount is the lion, his element is the ether or emptiness (shunyata), his emblem is the wheel. His syllable is a white OM at the highest chakra on the top of his head. He forms the mudra of highest knowledge (bodhyagri-mudra) or of teaching (dharmachakra-mudra), because he represents the victory over ignorance, which can range from blindness to delusion. He transforms this state of suffering into the highest intelligence (dharmadhattu-jnana). His female counterpart and companion (shakti) is Dharmadhatvishvari or Lokhana.Boddhisattvas related to him are Akashagharbha or Samanthabhadra. Goddesses related are Ushnishavijaya, Marichi, Sitatapatra and Vajravarahi.