Sarvabuddhadakini – The "Dakini of all Buddhas"
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India and Nepal
Orientation 3
Wall object 12

ABP 008

 Code: ABP 008

  Country: Tibet


  Date: 1350 - 1450

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 34.5 x 43

  Materials: Gouache on cotton

Sarvabuddha Dakini, the "Dakini all Buddhas"

Sarvabuddha Dakini is a specific form of the female meditation deity Vajrayogini. As such, she represents the essence of all the Buddhas. She is also called Narodakini, because this form was revealed by the great Indian mahasiddha Naropa, (956-1040) in an initiatory vision.

Of ruby-red colour, she stands in a dynamic stance, trampling on deities symbolizing mind’s poisons such as hatred and attachment. Naked, she is only adorned with the jewels and bone ornaments proper to the wrathful deities. Her head looking up, she drinks blood from the skull cup she is raising, while her right hand holds down a curved knife. A tantric staff khatvanga rests in the crook of her left arm, symbol of her mystic consort under his secret form.

Surrounding her are the Indian and Tibetan masters from her transmission lineage and some deities associated to her cult. A major Sakya and Geluk yidam deity, she is also practiced in the Drukpa Kagyü school as it seems to be the case here