Amitabha - of "Infinite Light" one of the five transcendental Buddhas of Mahayana
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India and Nepal
Orientation 3
Furniture 3

ABS 243

 Code: ABS 243

  Country: Burma (Myanmar)

  Style: Arakan

  Date: 1403 - 1411

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 37.4 x 51.9 x 24

  Materials: Brass

Buddha Amitabha - “Infinite Light” one of the Five transcendental Buddhas of Mahayana 

Amitabha (Tib.: Sangay Odpamed) rests in the diamond attitude (vajraparyankasana) and in the meditation gesture (dhyana-mudra) on a flat cushion with a lotus frieze on a stepped pedestal. He is dressed in a long dhoti and cape and is adorned with a multi-strand necklace with pendant jewels and a tiara of leaf ornaments.
Buddha Amitabha belongs to the lotus family. A lotus grows in muddy water while its blossoms on the surface remain flawless. Likewise, Amitabha represents freedom from attachment, for it is attachment which causes the individual to experience pain, loss, and dissatisfaction that never finds fulfillment. 
Freedom from this negative emotion is a state of immaculate, pure peace. Therefore, the Buddha Amitabha is seated in the full vajra posture with both hands resting in the meditative gesture of mental clarity. He perceives things as they are without any subjective notions. With this discerning wisdom, there is no attachment, no dissatisfaction, nor craving for more and better things. This realization is so powerful that all things are naturally magnetized as one’s own. There is no energy and force involved as in a state of desire. It is a state of effortlessness.