Rakta Yamari embracing his consort
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India and Nepal
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ABS 196

 Code: ABS 196

  Country: Nepal

  Style: Three Malla Kingdoms

  Date: 1500 - 1600

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 14 x 19 x 7

  Materials: Gilt copper

Rakta Yamari embracing his consort Vajravetali

This very elaborate statue represents the meditation deity Rakta Yamari, “the Red Slayer of the Lord of Death.” This wrathful manifestation of Mañjushri, bodhisattva of wisdom, appears strong with coarse limbs. In a dynamic posture, he tramples on the god of Death lying on his water buffalo mount. With three bulging eyes, his gaping mouth reveals sharp teeth, and his lock of blazing hair stands on his head. His right hand brandishes a vajra club topped with a fresh severed head, and his left holds a skull cup filled with the blood of the four mental demons. Embracing him is his consort Vajravetali, holding a chopper and a skull cup. The ferocious divine couple is adorned with elaborate bone ornaments from the charnel ground, poisonous snakes, and other tantric wrathful symbols.

Brimming with details, this statue displays the technical mastery of the Newari craft workers from the Kathmandu valley.