Ushnishavijava - Ushnisha, the "Victorious Lady"
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India and Nepal
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ABS 170

 Code: ABS 170

  Country: India (north-east)

  Style: Late Pala Style

  Date: 1050 - 1150

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 5.3 x 7.3 x 2.4

  Materials: Yellowish-beige stone

Ushnishavijaya - Ushnisha, the “Victorious Lady” 

The four-faced and eight-armed goddess resembles in many aspects the Buddhist goddess Ushnishavijaya as described in the iconographic compendium Sadhanamala (SM 191, 211-212). The principal difference is the presence of four heads instead of three. Images of Ushnishavijaya are rare in Indian art, but the ritual of this goddess was popular in Tibetan Buddhism. This sculpture is the work of an Indian artist from North-Eastern India and possibly made for a Tibetan Buddhist monk.