Standing Buddha Shakyamuni
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India and Nepal
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ABS 357

 Code: ABS 357

  Country: Gandhara


  Date: 200 - 300

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 18 x 46 x 10

  Materials: Stone-Shiste

Standing Buddha

Standing on a flower-decorated pedestal, the barefoot Buddha wears regularly folded heavy robes. Leaning on his left leg in a slight bent position, his left hand pointing downward grasps a flap of his robe while his missing right hand was probably raised in the gesture of protection. The wavy hair and fine features of the face are rendered with striking realism. The statue is carved from schist, a typical stone for Gandhara (Pakistan) artworks. The general aesthetics, the canons of beauty, and the modelling of the body transpiring through the pleated garment recall the Greco-Latin artistic heritage. Gandhara art possesses among the first anthropomorphic representations of the Buddha.