Buddhashri (1339-1419)
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India and Nepal
Orientation 1
Wall object 3

ABP 007

 Code: ABP 007

  Country: Tibet (south)


  Date: 1500 - 1600

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 67 x 79

  Materials: Glue distemper on cotton

Buddhashri (1339-1419) - an important teacher of the Sakya tradition

This is the twentieth painting in the series of Lam ’bras («lamdre») teachers, probably commissioned by an important teacher of the Ngor monastery in the late sixteenth century. The principal teacher in the centre of the painting depicts Buddhasri (1339-1419). He is identified by the inscription at the back in the upper left corner in dBu can («üchen») script: /[wa] g.yas bcu pa budha shri“[no.] [wa] “20”, 10th [painting] on the right, Buddhashri”.