Stupa reliquary
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India and Nepal
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ABR 094

 Code: ABR 094

  Country: Nepal


  Date: Unknown

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 9 x 20

  Materials: Brass


The stupa (chöten in Tibetan) is a significant religious monument in Buddhism and serves as a reliquary for the remains of eminent masters. Stupas are also portable works of art created from precious materials, as is the case here.

In Tibet, stupas are often found in groups of eight. Each of the eight stupas represents one of the eight most important events in the life of Buddha, which is expressed in eight different shapes. These events were: the birth at Lumbini; the victory over the mara (inner demons) at Bodhgaya; his first speech at Sarnath; the miracle at Sravasti; the descent from Tushita Heaven at Sankasya; the taming of the raging elephant at Rajagrha; the gift of honey from a monkey at Vaishali; and his death at Kushinagara. 

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