Müchen Könchok Gyaltsen (1388-1469/70)
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ABS 153

 Code: ABS 153

  Country: Tibet (central)


  Date: 1450 - 1500

  Dimensions in cm WxHxD: 13.3 x 17.5 x 10.5

  Materials: Gilt silver

Mus chen dKon-mchog rgyal-mtshan dpal bzang po (1388-1469/70)
Monk hollow cast in silver and partial gilt; mounted on a hollow cast gilt copper pedestal.
The monastic garments are decorated with engraved ornaments.
The face bottom of the pedestal is sealed with a plain sheet of copper (?).
The monk, identified by the inscription as dKon mchog rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po, is seated in the diamond attitude (vajraparyankasana) on a double lotus pedestal with beaded borders. He displays with the right hand the gesture of charity (varada mudra) and with the uplifted left hand the gesture of argumentation (vitarka mudra) and with the uplifted left hand a variation of the gesture of argumentation( vitarka mudra). He is clad with several layers of monastic garments (tricivara).

On the lower border of the lotus pedestal is a Tibetan inscription in dBu can script reads:
༄། རྗེ་སེམ་པ་ཆེན་པོ་དཀཽག་རྒྱལ་མཚན་དཔལ་བཟང་པོ་ལ་ན་མོ།།
rje sem[s] pa chen po dkoog [dkon mchog] rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po la na mo //.
"Homage to the great being dKon mchog rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po"

dKon mchog rgyal mtshan bpal bzang po is also known as Mus chen dKon mchog rgyal mtshan (1388-1469/70), the 2nd abbot of Ngor (1456-1462).

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